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Headed down I-10 at 110mph, the heat is sweltering 108 degrees and I have no have idea as to how hot it is out on the road, with the heat coming off the concrete. My ass is numb, can’t feel my hands from the vibration. no helmet, so the wind is screaming in my ears, eyes are watering because I forgot the good riding glasses. After a 100 miles I look to stop, get gas and cool down. I buy a bag of ice sit outside and put it on my head, feeling the heat. I am on a custom-made soft tail built and painted and a ton of miles on the road. Always had that one friend who was riding next to me over the years, you know that one person who makes that subtle jester and you know what he is doing, your able to ride in sync and stay safe.  This particular trip we were on our way back from palm springs California, I did get a little dehydrated but we made it back safe and sound.

For many years motorcycles were a big part of my life. Now I seem to paint a lot of bikes, let’s just say I have painted many, many, many motorcycles, from full paint ground up, to just the art work.

Magazine’s been in a lot and I’m talking a lot, so many I can’t even begin to tell you how many, books yes featured in books. TV? Yes, biker build off, biker battle ground Phoenix, fox sports network. Bla bla, la.

buckeye-hillAs I get my web site back together I’ll be posting and organizing as I go I hope you enjoy.