back on this painting, i keep getting asked how much? so i figured i would get back on it and finish her up. couple more days and ill have it done. Join the newsletter Subscribe to get my latest artwork and work in progress. Success!......

So I got a cool request from awesome young woman wanting a tattoo, she sent me a text with her son in a jester costume. she wanted a jester with some sort of zombie thing for her son. Awesomeness, right up my alley. so I looked......

Gothic, Medieval type art for a Dirty Bird bike this motorcycle theme was one that John just let me go with. I don’t remember the whole story behind it as i got to many things going on and my brain can only hold so much......

What can I say I like doing this kind of art.


Its different, fun and creepy at the same time. Were it is coming from I don’t know. Some place inside me that hates all the crap that is out in the world today you could say it comes from hate. Maybe I’m just disgusted with the human race. I don’t think that is the case. Life is what you make it.

Do I have nightmares? No.

Was I influenced by some other artist with this type of art? No.

You have to take note that I have been drawing this kind of stuff since high school, THE 80’s. they didn’t have the technology to be able to surf the net on your cell phone. O my, that just seems so old. So what came to be a strange piece of art, just came to be.

Most of the time I just got rid of the art or never showed people the works. Was always trying to just do what I thought people would like. No longer I’m letting this dark art just come. Let’s see what happens and what it looks like.

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