This is the page I will have all the posts and history of this truck over the years of owning her. stay tuned as I will be adding the story over the next few weeks.

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Title: A Tale of an Old Truck: From Weeds to Wheels

In the haze of memory, somewhere around 2001, a friend and I embarked on a journey to Globe, Arizona. Our destination? A spot near Roosevelt Lake. Our mission? To retrieve a couple of motorcycles. But fate had other plans for us that day.

As we wandered around the property, my eyes fell upon an ancient relic: an old truck. Now, I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage automobiles. They possess an inexplicable essence—a whisper from the past that tugs at my consciousness. This particular truck, though, baffled me. I couldn’t identify its make or model; it was simply old, with weeds defiantly sprouting through every crevice.

The owner enlightened me: this weathered beast had once toiled in the coal mines of Globe, a rugged workhorse that had seen better days. Despite its worn appearance, there was something undeniably cool about it. The owner posed a question: did I know anyone interested in buying it? The price tag? A mere $200.00.

My wife and I returned the following weekend with a trailer in tow. The old truck grumbled to life—no brakes, its interior resembling a battlefield where rats had waged war. As we towed it home, I questioned my sanity: what had I just acquired?

Initially, my plan was simple: get her running and use her as an old farm truck for hauling hay. Perhaps even have a bit of fun along the way. But life has a way of laughing at our plans.

After coaxing the brakes into submission over the course of a week, the truck rumbled along with its modest 90 horsepower, courtesy of an inline 6-cylinder engine. I contentedly cleaned up its exterior without delving into major repairs—after all, this was meant to be fun.

Then came the fateful week when the water pump decided to retire from duty. Off to the auto parts store I went, half-expecting disappointment. But lo and behold—they had one in stock! The universe seemed to wink at me.

Yet challenges persisted—the following week brought more broken parts and elusive replacements. And so she sat outside my home, waiting patiently as I sanded away rust and contemplated her bodywork.

In retrospect, that old truck became more than just metal and memories; it became a testament to resilience—a reminder that sometimes life’s quirks lead us down unexpected roads.