It’s what I do…

My portfolio is full of many different types of art.

This has made my Art unique and original, it has given me the opportunity to learn, experiment and create day in day out.

My mind travels in so many different ways it is at time exhausting, yet comforting.

Doing what I do on the surface seems like a gift, most of the times it is, other days it seems like a curse.

Let me take you into a typical day for me.

  • Between 2 and 4 am, I’m up and into the studio, no I don’t set an alarm. My head wakes me up with screaming, get up! Now this could just be a dead line from a client, or painting that is slamming against the inside walls of my head. Who knows? There are so many situations that seem to bang at my forehead in the morning.
  • Coffee is always my morning comfort; I usually take just a little coffee with my cream. Ya, I always thought that I loved coffee. I think it is creamer I love.  It’s quite, dark and phone is off… the radio is usually on something easy on the brain.
  • Before the earth and sun get up I try and take time for my fine art, even if it just a hour.
  • Work on the computer some before turning on the compressor to airbrush.
  • Breakfast is a hit or miss, depending how in the zone I am.
  • Next, Airbrushing on a motorcycle part,
  • Tattooing mid-morning before the heat sucks all the fluid out of you. My ac sucks.
  • Afternoon more airbrush work
  • Lunch is a hit or miss, some day’s ill head to a location to do some mural work.
  • Midafternoon I will do any manual labor work needed, like sanding, body work taking parts apart building something to paint.
  • Later afternoon it is work on the 1971 VW bug I’m restoring for the wife.
  • Eat dinner, then hit the computer some more, research or website stuff, or sketchbook comes out and next thing I know I’m sleeping with whatever is in the works on my lap. Then the day starts all over.


There are days that I will take the dog to lessons or go on a hike, usually at the end of the day.


Thank you so much for looking, I love what I do and love to share with you all.