Alien Predator Motorcycle

Alien Predator: A Motorcycle and Tattoo Masterpiece

The Challenge

When approached  with his idea of painting this motorcycle with an alien predator theme, I was both excited and nervous. He wanted me to create a unique and stunning piece of art that would reflect his personality and passion. He also wanted me to do some tattoos for him. He gave me a few requirements and elements he wanted, but otherwise he trusted me to do what I do best.

The Process

I started by doing some research on the alien predator franchise. I wanted to capture the essence of the creature and its environment, as well as adding my own twist. the contrast between the organic and the mechanical. I decided to use a dark and metallic color palette, with some accents of white to create some contrast and drama.

I then proceeded to paint the motorcycle, using airbrush and spray techniques. I paid attention to every detail, from the scales and teeth of the alien predator. I also added some hidden elements that you will have to look for if you ever see it out and about.

The Result

After several weeks of hard work, I finally finished the project. I was very proud of the outcome. He loved how his motorcycle and tattoos turned out. He said they were exactly what he had envisioned and more.

He entered his motorcycle in a local competition and won the first place. He also got the second place for his tattoos. He received a lot of compliments and admiration for his unique and impressive look.

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