The MIRROR motorcycle

Mirror bike.

This particular bike was given to me to paint with the instructions. let your darkest side come out and not hold back. Place the title of the motorcycle “Mirror” with my name in a place that was readable. The owner didn’t want to see any part of it until completely done and on the bike.

Starting off was a little difficult at first. Getting my head around this and finding that dark side has not been an issue. until awarded free rein and not to hold back. The intention to make people uncomfortable and at the same time question why they like it. Or act like they hate it. but deep down inside they like it.

Humans have been programed to do what’s acceptable for the society, as baby’s we’re told do this, don’t do that. The family, schools, religion. all telling you, teaching you, destroying your freedom, all played a part. Addressing this issue in my own art, in myself, in my thoughts can be painful at times. With this painting the struggle was a short one. Once I started to not think and paint. It was Like meditating, escaping and forgetting. The art started to flow.


I would start off by slashing a couple random gestors. Then start making shapes or faces. Soon it started to develop. Lines, curves, dark, light all around. Transforming into art that is all somehow intertwined. At times I would have to step away. it was almost like it wasn’t me that was painting. my head would hurt and a real uncomfortable feeling would overcome me.

Most people if not all humans have a dark side, most don’t act on these thoughts.

Most hide them, fear them.

If you recognize them, you will be at more peace.. Maybe not.

I encourage you to look beyond the art that most disturbs you. Past that one image that triggers some feeling that’s good or bad. Find your own meaning. We all have monsters around and inside us. some are more visible than others.