Mid-life Crisis

i took this off the owners Facebook post after he saw the motorcycle or the fist time.`
Curtis Allen 

No words can describe my emotions and one of the most Memorable weekend EVER! After Months of Scott building my “Mid-life crisis”, dream bike and memorial bike to my family and most important my nephew Colton Allen is now complete and ready to show. The story this bike tells is well beyond the paint. Some of you may see the air brush work and see what chapter of my life it tells. It is a story that started almost 42 years ago and I have almost all of you to thank.
This bike is a tribute to those I have loved, lost and basically helped make me to the person I am today. I hope that when people see this bike they can feel the love I had for the farm and most importantly the overall love for my family!
A huge shout out to Shawn Wilken who brought this bike to life. I am beyond blessed that he took on this project and he helped tell my life’s story through his amazing artwork (one of the sickest paint themes I have seen and it is on my bike). And of course a shout out to my boy and long time friend Scott Capalbo and Cylent Cycles  for bringing my dream to life! Scott and Shawn brought me to tears the first time I saw this bike. Scott’s passion and style of bikes was a perfect fit to help bring my dream to reality! From the bottom of my heart I thank you two for helping me share my life story and bringing this beautiful machine to life!!
I can’t wait to get it back to Iowa and share it with the rest of you and the attention to detail Shawn and Scott put into this bike is truly unreal!

Some background on this.

Curtis visited my studio in Phoenix and asked to take on this paint for this motorcycle. After some conversation, a bunch of photos and notes. I was more than happy to take this on.

Spending my summers as a kid on my grandparents’ farm, I had a good idea as to how I was going to approach this. My own memories would fill my head as I strolled though the photos.

Grateful for the opportunity.