The part I love best when I am painting and creating is when I’m in my zone.

My creation zone,

is an escape from life and its many issues;

You can say when I am in the zone as I call it, meditating, breathing with the planet. When I find my place, I will often not even remember consciously painting. It’s like something or someone else is driving me to paint and create.


Sometimes I’ll look at my work and just tilt my head. I know I painted it, but it’s like I didn’t.

  Painted this concept for a great couple some time back . I ended up painting it a few times for various reasons. The motorcycle was sold, painted over or whatever, always liked this concept and would get a lot of comments on it. so,......

Gothic, Medieval type art for a Dirty Bird bike this motorcycle theme was one that John just let me go with. I don’t remember the whole story behind it as i got to many things going on and my brain can only hold so much......

Green skulls This set i painted some time ago. Think it was a cool concept and you don’t really see green done too much. I haven’t really been a fan of the color green. That doesn’t mean I cant make it work. Thank you so......

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