Gothic, Medieval type art for a Dirty Bird bike

Gothic, Medieval type art for a Dirty Bird bike

this motorcycle theme was one that John just let me go with.

I don’t remember the story behind it as I got to many things going on and my brain can only hold so much at a time. If i am remembering correctly, the 32 had to do with the person’s birthday, something about the wife getting it done for a gift. heck i could be totally wrong.

It was one of the jobs that you look at during the process and it doesn’t look totally right. then you finish the art, knowing once cleared it will totally change but you look at it and you think, just hide it from the customer until it is all on the bike and it will be awesome.

i believe it was one that people hated or loved, hater will hate. good luck with that. i love it.

most of the photos are before clear with some that i took during the design process.

Thanks for looking

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