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lance and I hiking
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7am, backpack packed with some food, first aid set up, light weight rain gear, some snacks and food, dog set up and water. Grab the dog, throw everything in the truck and hit the road.

The Arizona weather is nice today, in the 80’s, clouds are forming out west. The forecast is calling for thunderstorms. After an hour on the freeway, we take the dirt road and look for the trail head . After stopping the Park Ranger and asking for directions we finally found it. Park, slap on my hiking shoes grab lance (my friendly Border collie) and off we go.

Now they said in the article that the trail head could be hard to find. We stumbled around a bit, but found it and off we went.

Ill finish this story later,


Stay tuned I really love exploring  (Arizona). I always have my phone and see things that would make an awesome painting or just an awesome photo. The beauty, the solitude that I experience is great for the soul.