Genoa, NV graveyard

I have this thing about Cemeteries,

I don’t know maybe I have issues. they can be sad, spooky, full of history. love to see the way families honor their loved ones and in some cases abandoned their graves .

I sometimes wonder if i shouldn’t be walking around the cemeteries taking photos. is it rude or will i be offending someone? i just find there is an energy that you cant explain when i visit.

This is one of the cemeteries in Genoa I went to. just a few shots from my visit.

Tiny Genoa lies in the verdant Carson Valley at the base of the Sierra Nevada, about 10 miles from Nevada’s capital, Carson City, on Nevada Highway 206. Nevada’s oldest community, Genoa began in 1850 with the establishment nearby of a seasonal trading post along the emigrant trail to the California gold fields. Genoa Nevadas oldest town

Genoa bar

2015 on one of my trips to Minden, NV to tattoo and have a little vacation with fam. Stopped off at the Genoa bar. What a cool place. I make it a point to visit and have a drink every time I am in town


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