Weekend trip to the Grand Canyon


Yes, it was a most awesome trip to the Grand Canyon. The trip back wasn’t so awesome, but did give us something to talk about.

camper water damageThe camper has sat for some time, we decided it was time to clean it up and get it out on the road. what i didn’t know was the damage that had happened for who know how long. water damage so bad that the 2x4s were crumbling in my hands.

So after a month of getting the camper back in order, water damage, new floors, new front end, curtains and more it was finally ready to put it on the truck and test her out with a trip to the Canyon.

the last time i was at the canyon was for my 50th birthday hike from the south rim to the north rim. an epic trip that i felt like i needed to call 911 at the end. lol. and i would do it again worth it in every way. more on that later.20161027_142731

this time we went to the north rim to just hang out, bike some, walk some, just enjoy it in all it beauty.

The trip home almost ended in disaster. about 70 miles from home the truck was not feeling right. 70 miles per hour going up hill, in the fast lane. roll the window down, can hear something and we pull over. what we see is the rear passenger wheel is almost off. 6 of the 8 lugs have completely fallen off. WTH.  so after a few phone calls trying to get help and watching the DPS officers drive right on by. ( side note i think we sat on the side of the freeway for 3 to 4 hours and not one DPS office stopped to see if we needed help) one person stopped and at that point we had finally found a tow company to take us home.

20161030_155409 20161030_161513 20161030_170629 20161030_170701 20161030_171949 we did get to play some dominos alongside the freeway and see an awesome sunset across the Verde Valley