the dark art painting on the wall

underground swelteringDark side of my art,


Well, I have had this painting that seems like it has hung in my office forever, not finished. Almost forever, at least 10 years. Worked on it from time to time, but for the most part it just hangs on the wall. Keep in mind this canvass is 9-foot-wide X 4-foot-tall, the thing is that when I get people in my studio they seem to be drawn to this art. this is not even close to being done, maybe 10 to 15%.  Mostly just me trying to figure out my best route to take, throwing a line here or there just to get the brain to trigger something, then jumping into the section and seeing what happens. One thing leads into another and another, and Wala it starts to take shape.underground sweltering

A few days ago one of my long-term clients was in the office. we were chatting about the jobs he was picking up (Motorcycle Parts), he was looking at the canvas and started asking is that what I think it is? when pointing at a specific spot in the painting? Yep, did you just do it, nope. And he continues to stare. He says, “every time I come here I see something different” have you been working on it? No.

Now keep in mind he has come to the studio for the last 10 years give or take a few, maybe 4 to 8 times a month during the years.  I really haven’t touched this thing in years. Just in the planning stages figuring out sizing placement. I would get wrapped up in the daily grind of life and just not paint on it, mainly because it was a painting I was doing because I wanted to, not because I thought someone would buy it. Most of my free time I put into painting things that I thought people would buy, than just paint what I like.underground sweltering

Recently I started painting what I love about Arizona in styles that I love. Huge difference in what I am producing. My heart is coming out through the brush. Now when you look at my dark art. My heart must have issues. Even I look at some of this stuff and think. Ok, that is just strange. Sometimes I don’t remember doing it. other times I think that a psychiatrist would have a field day with this one. The thing is that when people look at this canvas I will get people who will say that’s really not my cup of tea and then they would spend the next 30 min staring at it. Then I would get the person who I think would love the painting of the desert flower and would tell me the just love this one. I get so confused at times.

Do you have might mares? Nope, not that I can remember. They would be like you seem normal. What? Ok what is normal? That is a subject I will touch on a later date. I think I’m fine. Lol.


I decided after chatting with a few people who I’m going to put some effort into getting this painting done. How much time will it actually take? No clue. But if I put an hour into each day, or week. lol. who knows where it will go. So, I will post a pic every few weeks to let you see the process. this week I’m going to shut the door put in some dark music. Tried painting this with some classical music on and I wasn’t feeling it.