VooDoo skull with gun and knife

Sitting in front of my sketch book trying to figure this Voodoo concept. Sometimes the free ones are the hardest to get motivated.

It didn’t take long to get my grove on, or searching for that inner evil that was just sitting in the back of my head all pissed off. A few lines with the pencil and off i went.

Asked to draw up a sick bad ass design for a special ops military team. said make it sick and evil. So without any advice on what they were wanting, I spent the last two days working on this concept. family so no big deal right? except it wasn’t what they were looking for. A little too much I guess. Just to scary.

So maybe I can use if for a tattoo design, i think it is kick ass. I’m sure I will use it for something. Thinking a skate board design…rejection hurts, where is my voodoo doll,lol.

Note to self … ask questions before doing artwork even when it is for family. I would have saved so much time.

voodoo wip

sketchbook voodoo design

sketchbook voodoo design

voodoo sketchbook drawing voodoo sketchbook art sketchbook art voodoo stuff guns knife voodoo


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