Voodoo doll from the sketchbook

Voodoo doll

I  am sitting at my desk, feet up, my sketchbook on my lap. the door open. the weather so nice. the sun is coming up and the colors in the sky are shooting into the office. Bright orange and yellows from the sun waking up the Arizona landscape. The situation is perfect for happy things, flowers, it’s a sunshine type of day and here I am drawing evil things. I am happy.

I’m not really sure why I like drawing this kind of art. I sit and think. If I had someone I wanted to just cause some pain to, who would it be? Ya I have a list. someone told me “be weary of the patient man”. makes ya think? I’m pretty patient. haha.

Started looking up info on this VooDoo doll stuff.  Found all kinds of information. who knows what is true or false. I am thinking someplace in the middle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term Voodoo doll is commonly employed to describe an effigy into which pins are inserted.[1] Although it comes in various different forms, such practices are found in the magical traditions of many cultures across the world.[1] Although the use of the term “Voodoo” implies that the practice has links to either the religion of Haitian Vodou or Louisiana Voodoo, in reality it does not have a prominent place in either.[1]

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thank you so much for looking.

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