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Zombie Tattoo, This tat was a couple of session as we went back and added to the bottom of it. zombie art right up my alley. ha. [gallery columns="4" ids="1912,1913,1914,1915,1916,1917,1918,1919"] thank you so much for looking....

Voodoo doll I  am sitting at my desk, feet up, my sketchbook on my lap. the door open. the weather so nice. the sun is coming up and the colors in the sky are shooting into the office. Bright orange and yellows from the sun waking...

So I got a cool request from awesome young woman wanting a tattoo, she sent me a text with her son in a jester costume. she wanted a jester with some sort of zombie thing for her son. Awesomeness, right up my alley. so I looked...