2920 roadhouse mural day 1 and 2

Hockley, Texas is the site for this mural. located outside Houston Texas. lots of history behind this place.

2920 RoadHouse Restaurant
21835 FM 2920
Hockley, Texas 77447

This little adventure in art seemed a lot bigger when it finial came time to paint it.

I flew out a few weeks before to take a look, take some measurements, photos, talk about the theme and do a few tattoos. That trip I was sick so not too much fun.

After some research and thought. I gave a price I thought was fair. On a plane a week later, and headed to find painting supplies needed to paint this monster. Finding supplies was a trip in its self. but found somethings that I thought would work fine. Later I would find that I had some issues. After a couple of days of struggling to find the right combination, I got it to work.

On arrival is when it kind of hit me. My first thought was OMG. What the hell did I get myself into. My second thought was what the hell did I get myself into I’m going to die, Ya, I saw the surface, made some sketches. but when I finial got to the restaurant and this was going to happen. I started thinking I’m going to die. Also, I needed to reconsider my whole design.

Day one, spent searching for more supplies and getting scaffolding built. so, I can get to the second floor and the ceiling. What they came up with made me think. I’m going to die. But it was sturdy and all in all it seemed to work out fine. some of the places I needed to put a 5-gallon bucket upside down on the plank. It was a little shorter than the width of the bucket, so when I stood on it I couldn’t move around. This was ok I got good balance no problem. Well what I didn’t think would happen was that my legs would fall asleep. made getting off the bucket a little more difficult. I didn’t fall so I’m good.

On day two after getting more supplies needed I painted the sky. had some dripping from over reducing the paint was a good start.