I wanted to talk about this plant I have on my property.


This plant that caused me so much pain. This plant that left made my face swelling and stinging for many hours. The evil of the sap that lives inside this simple looking, living hell that left such an impression that I was inspired to do a painting of it.


This evil plant, I called a cactus, it looks like a cactus, it’s not. We live in the desert and there are tons of cactus all over the place. It has thorns and it is nasty mean. At the same time, it is a most awesome creation of beautiful plant I have ever encountered.

Origin: It is native to Morocco, where it occurs on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains in the surroundings of Marrakesh.

Common Name: Resin spurge


Toxicity Warning: Resin euphorbia emits a thick white milky sap known as latex when stems are cut or damaged. This latex (resin) is poisonous containing some of the most potent irritants known. The latex is particularly dangerous for the eyes, skin and mucous membranes and will produce burning pain in bones and limbs and paralytic weakness in the joints. Also, resin spurge will produce respiratory and skin toxicity symptoms. Handle cultivated plants carefully and use extreme caution to not get any latex in eyes or mouth.


close up resin spurge

close up resin spurge

this is a close up shot of the painting
resin spurge in bloom

resin spurge in bloom

took this photo and used for reference, this was spring when it was in bloom.

The Evil Resin Spurge

The Evil Resin Spurge

this is in front of the house, they seem to be taking over.

resin spruce painting

resin spruce painting

this is not a huge painting but all the same it is awesome.

Poisonous Resin Spurge


Original 18in x 14in acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas.

All prints are signed limited edition Giclee print on Legacy Plantine 100% Cotton Fibre, Archival Satin Finish, Smooth Surface, Acid Free, Lignin Free, OBA Free paper.

All prints include a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate certifies the work identified is an original limited edition and guarantees all descriptions and information to be exact.

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This plant caused me so much pain. This plant left made my face swelling my lips looked like I just had Botox, every little scrape or cut swelled, burned like I was on fire and stinging lasted for many hours. The evil of the sap that lives inside this simple looking is living hell. This masterpiece of deception left such an impression that I was inspired to do a painting of it.

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