The crying angel as I put it.

The story behind this one went south then came back to be in a different way.

As I remember it, I had someone in my studio I was working on. I don’t remember who or what I was doing at the time, they had some visitors and they asked me to draw up some tattoos for them. One was lettering for a full back the other was for his wife who wanted an angel crying, with horns, hands in face. said she wasn’t picky, was sure whatever I do would be great. Now the person with the back tattoo had troubles getting in after I created a few concepts and revisions for his design. making an appointment. For whatever reason it didn’t happen.

The wife’s design I spent a lot of time on. Actually did two concepts because I wasn’t happy with the first one. Drew it up on large paper to really get a great design. Sent it to her, she loved it until she showed 11 friends and got 11 different opinions.  At this point I had not taken any money for design work so I requested a deposit to make any additional changes and that the money would go towards the tattoo when she is ready. Never heard back.

Now. The part that pisses me off. The wife and I go to a restaurant and there is a person that is sitting with his son eating, he is wearing a tank, back to me as I walk by, I see a tattoo, I recognize the design. yes, he took my design and went to another artist to have it done. Pissed, I was fuming. Decided that I would let it go and just enjoy my dinner. Although I wanted to go have a conversation. I just let it go. Well it took some time to calm down.

So later I am tattooing a client and he sees the drawing and has to have it. Turned out awesome, some small changes and is one of my favorite designs.

Lesson learned I no longer will draw up designs for free. On occasion if I have some down time I will. My time is valuable. Artists make their living producing art. Drawing for free just doesn’t work.