Tattooing a simple design on a young ladys back, we got to talking about this idea she had for a tattoo but couldnt find anything like it she wanted. she had found a wolf that had the general idea but she wanted a lion.


So after the tattoo was done we talked a little more about her idea and what she was thinking. I prefer to not use other peoples art/ i believe if you take some art that was created by someone else and use it with out asking permission or paying the original artist to use the design you are stealing from the original artist. plane and simple, it is hard with all the internet photos out there it is so easy to just take someones art and use it with out any worries. but the fact is you are a thief if you do this. so get the idea and make it your own design. I always do my best to  make original art for the people i work with so they can have an original to show and wear.


This is the result of lion sketch. I will post photos of the tattoo,  once she is ready for it.

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