roadhouse 2920

This little adventure in art seemed a lot bigger when it came time to paint.

On Feb 10th 20017 I flew out to Hockley, TX, From Phoenix, AZ. To talk about a mural. Look at the wall, take measurements, photos and do a few tattoos. That trip I was not feeling 100%. So, not too much fun.


The site of 2920 Road House Restaurant is Known as New Kentucky Township. The turning point in the birth of Texas. A lot of history surrounding this area.

After some research and thought. I gave a price. A week later, On a plane, head back to Hockley. Once in town we went to find painting supplies needed to paint this monster. Finding supplies was a trip in itself. But, found somethings that I thought would work fine. Later I would find that I had some issues. After a couple hours of struggling to find the right combination, I got it to work.

On arrival is when it kind of hit me. My first thought was OMG. What the hell did I get myself into. My second thought was, What the hell did I get myself into. I’m going to die, Yes, I saw the project in advance, made some sketches. but when I got back to the restaurant and this was going to happen. I started thinking that I needed to rethink my whole design concept. Plus, the scaffolding had me a little worried.

Day 2 spent more time searching for more supplies. getting scaffolding built, so I could get to the second floor and the ceiling. What they came up with made me think. I’m done. But it was sturdy enough and all-in-all it seemed to work out fine. some of the places I needed to put a 5-gallon bucket upside down on the wood plank to be able to reach the ceiling. The plank was a little thinner than the width of the bucket, so when I stood on it I couldn’t move around. This was ok, I got good balance, no problem. Well what I didn’t think would happen was that my legs would fall asleep. That made getting off the bucket a little more difficult. I didn’t, fall so I’m good.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole thing. I decided that I would start with painting the sky.

Roadhouse Day 3 & 4

follow me through the 2 weeks of painting this mural