Reaper Art Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Reaper bike.

This bike was brought to me with the idea to have it painted with a grim reaper death theme , he had a few reference photos but I like to take them look at them the delete them.

so its morning and feeling ok got some soft morning tunes on just chilling out. Now this just ain’t working, I am going to see my grandbaby soon and need to get in the right mind set to paint this evil art just hard to do when your not feeling so angry… so I start thinking about the now shows, the people who dont pay, all the crap I need to do around the house and on and on. now I am depressed and have to go lay down. Kidding. I put on some Boondox and start painting away.

Now there is some interesting behind the scene crap that has gone on after it was done, that I wont share. Mostly because I get pissed off, and not at the customer he was great to work with. there was other dark forces involved. but with that said i believe it turned out awesome.


Now i made a video of one of the parts as i was painting it. A lime laps thing . click on the link to see it. Grim reaper video

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20160602_101724-1 (1) rear fender and bags reaper bike