Roadhouse mural, day 3 & 4

Continued with the sky and started the background colors and layout on the 3rd day. My notes and thoughts had gone out the window as I started to get my head into this mural.

At the end of the day all the workers are gone. It’s nice and quiet, but kind of spooky at the same time. The silence screamed in my head with various noises that made the hair on my arms stand up.


It was starting to get dark outside. the lighting inside wasn’t the best. I finished what I needed, cleaned up my area put everything away. As I am walking outside to close up shop. I stop, turn around and look at the massive wall in front of me. Something wasn’t right. decide that I need to do a couple more things before I called it a day. it need to be addressed before I forgot and went to something else. So, I grabbed my paint brush and started making changes. I was in fear that my thoughts would be lost. besides I was starting to get concerned on time needed to finish. Layout, colors something told me to keep at it. I’ll get back to my room and eat something later. my head was telling me you only got a couple of weeks, get to work. I had about 12 hours of nonstop painting.

What happens next is still a little bit of a mystery to me.

I was not paying attention, or something else was in play.

One second I’m Standing on the bottom part of the stair case examining my work. The next second, it felt like someone had pulled my feet from out under me. Then ran me over with a car.

Coming back to reality, I discovered myself on the floor. I still am not sure how much time had passed. My back felt like it had a knife sticking out of it. I was having difficulty breathing. it felt like a grown man was standing on my chest. Feeling the extreme pain throughout my right arm. From my elbow to my fingertips. I tried to get up but was not able to, the pain in my back and the difficulty breathing was hampering my efforts. As I laid on the ground, I started to do a check through my head as what I need to do. The thought of my arm and something bad with my back was starting to send me into a panic.

As I looked for my phone, thinking I needed help and needed to call someone. All the fears were starting to race through my mind, I was starting to shake. I found my phone close by. It was in my back pocket when I fell. Trying to focus, I was still not with it yet. Then it hit me. I hit so hard that my phone was in a V shape.


Now, I was starting to realize that this might be a major screw up. I to come to Texas to paint this mural in this restaurant and have it done for the grand opening. I screwed this up. I knew I couldn’t call anyone as my phone, destroyed. No one would be coming back to the restaurant until the next day. It seemed to be getting cold and I noticed that I was starting to shake. This was not beneficial. I thought to myself. “great I’m going into shock, I must get out of here “.

I needed to lock up the place. but didn’t have the code. or the code to get back into the place I was staying. as it was all on my now dead phone. Not going to the hospital, A cast is out of the question. I won’t be able to paint, what about my back? All these things started rushing through my mind.

I laid there for who know how long. until I could collect myself enough to try and get up. As I started to move I would feel my breath leave me. when I had enough in me to get up or should I say crawl. I could feel a burning sensation along my spine. The skin along my spine was gone from sliding down the stairs.

I managed to work my way to my transportation. Drove myself to the accommodations I was staying. At this point I was 89% sure my elbow is broken or cracked. Had good movement up to a point the sharp pains told me it was not good. Ate some food and limped into bed.

The next day I decided that I could move enough to get back to the restaurant to work. No, I did not have full movement in my arm but enough that I could keep working. As long as I didn’t hit the elbow or try and hold anything heavy I was good, breathing was manageable. This 4th day I stayed on the 1st floor to paint. figured it was best. since I didn’t have my phone, all my reference was gone. I went out to one of the old oak trees, took some bark off it and proceeded to paint bark for the rest of the day. (YAWN)

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