Vietnam motorcycle paint,

This motorcycle was built by sideshow www. http://sideshowscycles.com/. The customer is a Vietnam vet who is very proud of American, very proud to have served, absolutely loves to talk, educate people about what happened with him and his views on current and past times.


He wanted a bike that represented him. That represented his time and just had a story to tell. I could tell that he has put so much time and thought on how he wanted this to look like. He had so many ideas and visions that this can sometimes become difficult to get a vision out of someone’s mind who doesn’t know how to get it to a visual format. I can be good at this, spent many years listening and asking the right questions.


One of the things that was important to his bike was to have his jacket on the bike. On the rear of the bags you can see the dragon and other side you see the eagle.  The trick was to make the transformation from jacket to bike. Make it flow and look right.


I had a lot of fun with this bike, I’m happy with the results and am truly honored to have the opportunity to paint a bike that means so much to this gentleman.


Thank you so much for looking.