Red Thorn

[image_with_text image=”193″ title=”Red Thorn” title_color=”#1e73be”]this painting I really like I think its the colors, I like blue. lol.

the painting is 14×18 on canvas.[/image_with_text]

[image_with_text title_tag=”h2″ image=”992″ title=”Red thorn photo” title_color=”#dd3333″]The Ferrocactus or Red Barrel cactus,[/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”991″ title=”another shot”]another shot from the front lawn at the ranch.[/image_with_text]

I seem to see thing that are all around me, that others miss. sometimes  as in this case it is right in front of me. something I see everyday. this day maybe it was the light or I was just more aware. the thorns seemed a little more red and screamed at me. I love that I have a camera/phone with me all the time. take a few shots then continue on my way. to come back another day and see what comes of it.