Aloe Vera painting

[image_with_text image=”966″ title=”aloe vera” title_color=”#81d742″]This image i took at the Desert Botanical Gardens, in Phoenix, Arizona, its what i used for referance for the Aloe vera painting… if your ever in the Phoenix area and want to get out for a nice day or evening i would recommend them.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text image=”965″ title=”Aloe vera Painting” title_color=”#81d742″]Trying to find the thing. what thing? don’t know? I’m trying to find it. painting this I just kept looking at it thinking, ok I’m not a fan of the color green, for some reason everyone who comes to the studio loves this painting. I don’t love it. I like it, so I kept at it, dab of color, dab of another color, go back over, change this, add to that.


this was the result thanks for looking.[/image_with_text]

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