Meredith the Mannequin

Meredith the Mannequin


This fiberglass mannequin is my very favorite . painted in a bio-mechanical theme. browns, purples, and reds.

breaks down into 6 pieces for easy transportation.


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Meredith the Mannequin, that’s what my Daughter named her.

She was given to me by a friend who pulled her out of a dumpster. first thing he thought of was me. (Great) lol. said he thought i would do something cool with her. well at the time i was painting this bike that was z bio mechanical theme and we were taking it to the Laughlin river run had a both set up. and this would match the bike perfect. this was the result. since that time i had many offers to sell her but couldn’t seem to let her go. now she is on the market .

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