Some time after lunch a Bright Orange Lincoln Continental shows up at the shop. Thinking cool car, Airbags, it sounds good. it is orange in color and looks like it needs something.  wonder what he wants.

 John from DIRTY BIRD CONCEPTS steps out of the car, said to do some skulls and sh#&*t. suggested maybe some guns and knives but for the very most part left me at it. This beast was so much fun. 

When clients give me some basic ideas, then let me do my thing, it always, always turns out so awesome. I would of bought this car. Everyone who came to see it as i worked on it. was like this is awesome.

The best part was I only prepped the areas that I was air-brushing. then  was able to pass it on to the painter, they finish it up.

I must say that this is one of my favorite jobs that i had the  pleasure to do. i am grateful for the opportunity.

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