international harvester the start
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international harvester the start


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ok so I thought I would take you through the life of this beast from when I got it to current date, this is the first of a few postings on this.

I don’t remember the year is was. somewhere around 2001. A friend and I were head to Globe AZ. Right off Roosevelt lake. We were picking up a couple motorcycles. As we were walking around the property I saw this old truck, I’ve have always had this thing for old autos, they seem to have a essence. Something talks to me in the back of my head about them. This particular truck I had no idea as to what the hell it was I just know that it was old, weeds growing up through every place it could find, the owner said it was his dads they used it in the coal mine in globe. Thought it was cool, he asked me if I knew anyone who might want to buy it, said how much? 200.00, the wife and I were down the next weekend with a trailer.   read more


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